(16:34:52) deepend: had to clear to make sure things worked properly. It didn't restore the chat history properly after move

(17:51:59) Alexlehm: Testing the chat

(17:52:07) Alexlehm: ok, that is very retro

(17:52:36) Alexlehm: Hello all

(17:53:01) Alexlehm: link

(18:31:14) mhj: Testing testing testing... 1-2-3... FIRE THE SHARKNADOS!

(18:41:52) deepend: hi

(18:46:20) mhj: hullo

(20:12:23) deepend: hi

(20:13:30) deepend: still need to fix the user count or just get rid of it. Unfortunately without a bunch of javascript I think user list and stuff like that wont be easily doable.

(21:12:12) tweska: Hello everyone, I see deepend has decided to move chat again...

(02:21:23) deepend:

(02:21:45) deepend: HI

(13:34:37) gecko:

(13:35:32) gecko: it's nice to see that this project is still active :)

(03:13:33) deepend: more the merrier :D

(14:03:26) mhj: Hi hi

(06:01:26) deepend: yo

(06:10:02) deepend_w98: sup

(06:12:19) deepend_w98: talking to myself.. lol :D

(13:35:19) weirdscience: so this is still around? i thought all of the GeoCities stuff was dead by now with neocities n stuff

(15:52:13) deepend: well the real geocities is definitely dead.. but this project is somewhat still alive.

(00:38:58) deepend_w98: Here i am on dialup internet using windows 98 :D lol

(00:56:48) Agent Meister: Hello

(00:57:07) Galra Keith:

(04:21:01) deepend: sup ya'll

(04:21:51) ComputerTech: >_>

(04:22:11) deepend: this is much nicer then IRC :P lol

(04:22:25) deepend: who needs IRC when you have auto refreshing chat pages lmao

(04:22:30) ComputerTech: pfff, you wish :P

(04:22:35) ComputerTech: it's prettyt neat tho ngl

(04:23:02) deepend: if you paste a link to an image it will display the image lol

(04:23:23) deepend: if a url to a geocities.club page is posted it will automatically make it a link

(04:23:39) deepend: http://geocities.club/SiliconValley/Park/1001/

(04:23:42) deepend: like that

(13:39:16) jr: hi :)))

(04:56:35) deepend: http://geocities.club/SiliconValley/Park/1001/

(04:56:44) deepend:

(04:57:37) deepend:

(04:58:05) deepend: Test

(06:14:44) lime360: this is epic

(07:14:05) lime360: btw how many homepages are there?

(10:29:18) jr: #retro

(10:29:30) jr: i have to use this site more

(18:04:59) lime360: true, this site is kinda underrated tbh

(17:32:02) jiin: is this based on irc? how can i connect using mirc?

(08:50:51) lime360: no, its not an irc,

(08:51:15) lime360: It's a completely different chat server

(16:58:50) vinnysds: what? i wanted the ftp server

(11:54:21) lime360: it has an ftp server

(13:08:33) vinnysds : hi lime360!

(13:10:47) yahusvsibsidbdibduxbxjxbixvgdg:

(08:02:10) deepend: sorry for the downtime everyone. It wasn't meant to be like that.

(19:40:09) Galra Keith: Hello everyone!

(14:42:16) gecko: i though this was dead forever...

(18:52:53) deepend: not dead yet

(18:53:47) deepend: added some more features.. guestbook is now a thing, the member lookup function is now functional.

(18:55:24) deepend: now I have used this on at 1080p resolution.. I've noticed the frame is sized wrong. Will fix that

(18:57:20) deepend: oh and added a mailer script so people can make contact forms.. (it only sends emails to the username@geocities.club which it figures out from your website address)

(02:53:35) deepend: Hi

(02:54:08) deepend: Hi

(02:54:14) deepend: hi

(02:54:22) deepend:

(02:54:25) deepend: dfd

(02:54:49) deepend: Sup

(02:54:53) deepend: hi

(15:29:33) lime360: yayyyy geocities.club is back!!!

(15:29:50) lime360: i forgot my password

(20:11:48) deepend: i sent you an email to see if you need a reset :)

(14:37:04) lime360: uhh can you send to my protonmail.com address? emeraldlime@protonmail.com

(06:45:27) deepend: that is where i sent the email to.

(14:20:33) lime360: well, i didn't recieve it

(12:22:04) wik:

(12:23:38) wik: hi people

(19:43:06) Shwindoys45: Hello from Windows 2000 Professional build 2195!

(19:43:19) deepend: hello Shwindoys45

(15:36:40) Shwindoys45: HI! im still here! nice to see you! deepend!

(05:49:00) deepend: Welcome all the new users :) Hopefully I can find time to improve things further. I really want to improve the member area so it matches more like how it was back when Geocities was around.. However I cant find any real pictures to duplicate it at all. Also want to improve the signup portion of things as well :P

(23:39:06) test: hello!

(20:47:28) yummyicecream: why is my guestbook not working

(20:52:15) yummyicecream: not even the mail form works

(11:30:43) amya49@tooolz.com: Jewelery

(11:30:51) amya49@tooolz.com:

(11:19:45) fortyfive45: hello!